Program Sessions


Wednesday, October 24


08:30 - 09:00    Welcome Remarks

08:30 - 08:35     Opening the Congress, Adi Haramati, Chair, ICE-CIM Planning Committee

08:35 - 08:40     Welcome, Liza Goldblatt, Chair, ACCAHC

08:40 - 08:45     Welcome, Ben Kligler, Chair, CAHCIM

08:45 - 08:50     Greetings from the local Host School, S. Ray Mitchell,

Dean for Medical Education, Georgetown University School of Medicine

​08:50 - 09:00     Program Overview, Shelley Adler and Michael Wiles,

Co-Chairs, ICE-CIM Program Committee



09:00 - 10:00    Opening Plenary

"The Role of the Interprofessional Education in Complementary and Integrative Medicine: Possibilities and Tensions"

Presenter: Dr. Scott Reeves, University of California, San Francisco    

Moderator: Shelley Adler



10:30 - 12:00    Session 1


1-A) "Integrative Medicine Track Programs: Experience from 3 Medical Schools" 

Format: ​Symposium

​Organizer: Randy Horwitz, Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine    

Co-Presenters: Ronald Glick, Mikhail Kogan


1-B) "A Deficiency in Nutrition Education in Post-Graduate Medical Training" 

Format: ​Panel Discussion

​Organizer: Stephen Devries, Gaples Institute for Integrative Cardiology    

Co-Presenters: David Eisenberg, Arti Prasad, Victor Sierpina


1-C.01) "Implementing CIM as a Vertical Theme into Undergraduate Medical Education: An Integrative Curriculum Design Architechture

Format: ​​Large Group Presentation

Organizer: Michael Epstein, University of Saskatchewan    

Co-Presenters: Anita Chakravarti, Louise Gagne, Kalyani Premkumar, Joseph Schnurr


1-C.02) "Pediatric Integrative Medicine in Residency" 

Format: ​Large Group Presentation

​Organizer: Hilary McClafferty, Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine    

Co-Presenters: Sally Dodds, Graciela Wilcox   


1-D) "Integrative Health Content and Clinical Skills in Primary Care - Advanced Practice Nursing" 

Format:  ​Small Discussion Group

​Organizer: Catherine Juve, University of Minnesota School of Nursing    

Co-Presenters: Debbie Ringdahl


1-E) "Place Your Own Oxygen Mask First: Educational Approaches for Medical Trainee/Faculty Resiliency" 

Format: ​Workshop

​Organizer: Emily Ratner, Stanford University Medical Center    

Co-Presenters: Michelle Bailey, Annie Nedrow


13:15 - 14:45    Session 2


2-A) "Competencies for Optimal Practice in Integrated Environments: Examining Consensus of an IPE Document" 

Format: ​Panel Discussion

​Organizer: Elizabeth Goldblatt, ACCAHC    

Co-Presenters: Michael Wiles


2-B.01) "From the Screen to Actually Seen: Using an Integrative Medicine Consultation Clinic to Reinforce a Web-based Curriculum" 

Format: ​Large Group Presentation

​Organizer: Michele Birch, Dept of Family Medicine, Carolinas Medical Center

Co-Presenters: Dael Waxman    


2-B.02) "Developing Faculty to Embody Integrative Healthcare: Results and Reflections of 10 years of Implementing an Interdisciplinary Faculty Development Program" 

Format: ​Large Group Presentation

​Organizer: Rita Benn, University of Michigan   


2-C) "Fostering Research Literacy" 

Format: ​Oral Abstract Session 1

Moderators: Adam Burke, Jane Guiltinan

2-C.01) "Developing a Student Mentored Research Program between Complementary and Alternative Medicine and Traditional, Research Intensive Universities to Foster Evidence-based Practitioners and Clinician-researchers"

​Presenter: Barbara Sullivan & Sylvia Furner, Syli National University of Health Sciences

2-C.02) "Assessing Media Reports of Research: A Student Centered Activity in a Clinical Diagnosis Course"

​Presenter: Joseph Coletto, Oregon College of Oriental Medicine

2-C.03) "Implementation of a Prospective Clinical Outcomes Study in a CAM/IM Teaching Clinic"

​Presenter: Ryan Bradley, Bastyr University

2-C.04) "CAM Practitioners Conducting Research:  Preliminary Findings from a Survey and Interviews to Inform Workforce Training"

​Presenter: Kimberly Tippens, National College of Natural Medicine

2-C.05) "Research Scholars: A Faculty Development Program to Advance Evidence Informed Practice"

​Presenter: Glori Hinck, Northwestern Health Sciences University

2-C.06) "A Pilot Curriculum and Faculty Development Program for Advancing Evidence Informed Practice in the Integrated Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Clinical Environment"

​Presenter: Patricia Casello-Maddox, Northwestern Health Sciences University


2-D) "Many Paths to Wholeness: How Residency Programs can Integrate Integrative Medicine" 

Format: ​Small Discussion Group

​Organizer: Craig Schneider, Maine Medical Center    

Co-Presenters: Paula Gardiner, Andrea Gordon, Patricia Lebensohn


2-E) "Integrating Evidence-Based Teaching Strategies into Health Science Curricula" 

Format: ​Workshop

​Organizer: Loretta Howard, Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College    


15:00 - 16:30    Session 3


3-A) "Undergraduate Education in Complementary and Integrative Medicine" 

Format: ​Panel Discussion

​Organizer: Adam Burke, San Francisco State University    

Co-Presenters: Joel Edman, Carol Jensen, Maryanna Klatt


3-B.01) "Advancing Integration through Evidence-informed Practice: Northwestern Health Sciences University's Integrated Educational Model" 

Format: ​Large Group Presentation

​Organizer: Barry Taylor, Northwestern Health Sciences University    

Co-Presenters: Louise Delagran


3-B.02) "The US Primary Care Workforce: Current and Prospective Roles of Licensed CAM Disciplines" 

Format: ​Large Group Presentation

​Organizer: Michael Goldstein, UCLA Center for Health Policy Research   


3-C) "Fostering Student/Resident Self-Care and Resiliency" 

Format: ​Oral Abstract Session 2

Moderators: Adam Perlman, Jan Schwartz

3-C.01) "Becoming a Doctor: A Qualitative Evaluation of Challenges and Opportunities in Medical Student Wellness during the Third Year"

​Presenter: Benjamin Kligler, Consortium of Academic Health Centers for Integrative Medicine

3-C.02) "Development of a Curriculum for Internal Medicine Interns Linking the Skill of Mindfulness with Professionalism, Humanism, and Physician Well-Being"

​Presenter: Michelle Dossett, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

3-C.03) "Promoting Trainee Resiliency: The Stanford Anesthesia Resident Wellness Program"

​Presenter: Emily Ratner, Stanford University School of Medicine

3-C.04) "Personal and Contextual Factors Related to Empathy in Medical Students"

​Presenter: Deborah Camalier-Walker, The Catholic University of America

3-C.05) "Mind-Body Skills Training for Improving Emotional Well-being in Medical Students"

Presenter: Mary Ann Dutton, Georgetown University Medical Center

3-C.06) "Effect of a Mind-Body Medicine Skills Course on Perceived Stress and Empathy in Medical Students"

Presenter: Neha Harwani, Georgetown University School of Medicine


3-D) "Resources for Learning, Teaching, Applying and Integrating Evidence-based Practice Skills" 

Format: ​Small Discussion Group

​Organizer: Barbara Sullivan, National University of Health Sciences    

Co-Presenters: Jerrilyn Cambron, Gregory Cramer, Thomas Grieve


3-E) "It's a Brave New World but Who is Going to Teach it? Residency Faculty Development in Integrative Medicine" 

Format: ​Workshop

​Organizer: Andrea Gordon, Tufts University Family Medicine Residency Program at Cambridge Health Alliance    


17:00 - 18:30    Session 4


4-A) "Enhancing Education in CAM Evidence-based Practice through Collaborative Relationships with Research-Intensive Partners" 

Format: ​Panel Discussion

​Organizer: Gregory Cramer, National University of Health Sciences    

Co-Presenters: Jane Guiltinan, Stephen Laird, Michele Maiers


4-B.01) "The Naturopathic Chief Residency: Architecture for Evidence-Based Medicine in Complementary and Integrative Clinical Education" 

Format: ​Large Group Presentation

​Organizer: Brendan Smith, Bastyr University    


4-B.02) "Demystifying Credentialing: Providing a Roadmap for a Challenging Landscape" 

Format: ​Large Group Presentation

​Organizer: Kory Ward-Cook, National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine   


4-C) "A Session to Share  Innovative Curricular Materials in Integrative Medicine" 

Format: ​Education Resource Exchange

​Organizer: Shelley Adler 

4-C.01) "Communicating with Patients about Complementary and Alternative Medicine: A Clinical Teaching Pearl for Third-year Medical Students"

​Presenter: Shelley Adler, Yvette Coulter, Ellen Hughes

4-C.02) "An Integrative Medicine Perspective to Teaching the Management of Breast Pain"

​Presenter: Marc Brodsky, Ashley Maltz

4-C.03) "Teaching About Herb/Drug Interactions to Chinese Medicine Students in the US."

​Presenter: Anne Jeffres

4-C.04) "Teaching Students How to Respond to Patients’ Questions about Complementary, Alternative, and Integrative Medicine"

​Presenter: Shelley Adler, June Chan, Yvette Coulter, Katherine Hyland, Ginger Polich

4-C.05) "Competencies for Optimal Integration and Strategies for Interprofessional Clinical Collaboration of Licensed Healthcare Professions"

​Presenter: Jennifer Brett, Marcia Prenguber, Katherine Taromina

4-C.06) "Stimulating Students to Read the Medical Literature"

​Presenter: Morgan Schafer

4-C.07) Withdrawn

4-C.08) "Integrative Instructional Methods: The Use of an Encounter-based Curriculum to Foster Inter-Professional Education."

​Presenter: Vincent DeBono, Jennifer Illes-Rector

4-C.09) "Hospital Based Massage Therapy: Competencies and Standards of Practice"

​Presenter: Dale Healey, MK Brennan, Carolyn Tague

4-C.10) "Integrating Eastern and Western Approaches in Teaching Self Awareness and Self Care to Medical Students:  Integrative Awareness Training"

​Presenter: Jeffrey Feldman

4-C.11) "Educating Future CAM/IM Doctors on Chronic Cardiometabolic Disease Management"

​PresenterRyan Bradley

4-C.12) "Using Object Based Learning to Help Complementary and Integrative Medicine Students Create an Effective Narrative About Evidence-Based Research."

​Presenter: Michael Tims

4-C.13) "Developing Benchmarks and Assessment Tools for Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine Clinical Competencies with Established National Healthcare Competencies"

​Presenter: Michelle Fedder

4-C.14) "Integrative Medicine for the Underserved Materials for Patients, Learners, and Teachers"

​Presenter: Corrine Basch, Benjamin Brown, Paula Gardiner, Richard McKinney

4-C.15) "Organization of the 2012 CAM (Complementary and Alternative Medicine) Fair at the University of Alberta"

​Presenter: Anastasia Kutt, Sunita Vohra


4-D) "Leadership and Education Programs for Students in Integrative Medicine: LEAPS into Successful Innovative Educational Programs" 

Format: ​Small Discussion Group

Organizer: Mary Guerrera, University of Connecticut School of Medicine    

Co-Presenters: Rita Benn, Bethany Berman-Brady, Connie Earl, Rachael Maria Maciasz, Henri Roca, Jennifer Young


4-E) "Using Mind-Body Medicine Skills in the Curriculum to Reduce Stress and Promote Wellness" 

Format: ​Workshop

​Organizer: Nancy Harazduk, Georgetown University School of Medicine    

Co-Presenters: Adi Haramati



Thursday, October 25


08:30 - 10:00    Session 5


5-A) "The Contribution of a Learner Centered Approach to an Integrative Medicine Education: The Integrated Curriculum for Anthroposophic Medicine (ICURAM)" 

Format: ​Symposium

​Organizer: Christian Scheffer, Witten Herdecke University    

Co-Presenters: Friedrich Edelhauser, Diethard Tauschel


5-B) "The Canadian CAM in Undergraduate Medical Education Project" 

Format: ​Panel Discussion

Organizer: Marja Verhoef, University of Calgary   

Co-Presenters: Michael Epstein, Esther Konigsberg, Anastasia Kutt


5-C.01) "Research Literacy in Integrative Medicine: How can we make it more engaging and sustainable?" 

Format: ​Large Group Presentation

​Organizer: Claudia Witt, Charité University Medical School    


5-C.02) "Developing a Student Mentored Research Program between Complementary and Alternative Medicine and Traditional, Research Intensive to Foster Evidence-based Practitioners and Clinician Researchers" 

Format: ​Large Group Presentation

​Organizer: Barbara Sullivan, National University of Health Sciences    

Co-Presenters: Gregory Cramer, Silvia Furner


5-D) "Bridging the Gap between the Training, Education and Communication of CAM Practiioners in the Hospital/Clinic Setting" 

Format: ​​Small Discussion Group

​Organizer: Arti Prasad, University of New Mexico    

Co-Presenters: David Lang, Mary Smith


5-E) "Teaching an Interprofessional Approach to Managing Low Back Pain in the Primary Care Setting" 

Format: ​Workshop

​Organizer: Judith Peranson, St. Michael's Hospital, University of Toronto    

Co-Presenters: Deborah Kopansky-Giles



10:30 - 12:00    Featured Panel Discussion

"The Nursing Perspective for Integrative Healthcare"

Presenters: Mary Jo Kreitzer, Judy Fouladbakhsh, and Mary Koithan, University of Minnesota, Wayne State University, University of Arizona    

Moderator: Elizabeth Goldblatt


13:30 - 15:00    Session 6


6-A) "Naturopathic Residencies: Creating Interdisciplinary Education for Integrative Health Care" 

Format: ​Symposium

​Organizer: Marcia Prenguber, Indiana University Health Goshen    

Co-Presenters: Melanie Henriksen, Mikhail Kogan


6-B) "Challenges and Strategies in Implementing an Experiential Program in Mind-Body Medicine" 

Format: ​Panel Discussion

​Organizer:  Adi Haramati, Georgetown University School of Medicine    

Co-Presenters: Joseph Brimhall, Joseph Coletto, Nancy Grotton, Nancy Harazduk, Michael Lumpkin, Joseph Pfeifer, Nicole Steckler, Claudia Witt, Lauretta Young


6-C) "Standardizing Competencies for Integrative Medicine Clinical Fellowships" 

Format: ​Small Discussion Group

Organizer: Marc Brodsky, Center for Integrative Medicine at Stamford Hospital    

Co-Presenters: Tieraona Low Dog, Melinda Ring


6-D) "Science, Spirit and Superstition: Communication Strategies Pertaining to Evidence in Educational Programming for Complementary and Integrative Medicine" 

Format: ​Workshop

​Organizer: Michael Epstein, University of Saskatchewan    

Co-Presenters: Wayne Jonas, Marja Verhoef


6-E) "Active Teaching Strategies for Evidence-Based Complementary and Integrative Medicine" 

Format: ​Workshop

Presenter: Barry Taylor    


15:30 - 17:00    Session 7


7-A) "Competencies for Public Health and Interprofessional Education in the Accreditation Standards for the Licensed CAM Disciplines" 

Format: ​Panel Discussion

​Organizer: Joseph Brimhall, University of Western States    

Co-Presenters: Jennifer Brett, Dale Healey, Craig Little, Marcia Prenguber


​7-B.01) "Virtual Scenarios for Teaching Clinical Reasoning Skills"

​Format: ​Large Group Presentation

Organizer: Whitney Lowe, Education & Training Solutions


7-B.02) "Integrative Medicine on a Shoestring"

Format: Large Groups Presentation

Organizer: James Adam Rindfleisch, University of Wisconsin


7-C.01) "Developing Core Competencies in Integrative Pain Care for Primary Care" 

Format: ​Small Discussion Group 

​Organizer: Heather Tick, University of Washington

Co-Presenters: Sheila Chauvin


7-C.02) "Including an Integrative Medicine Perspective into and Interprofessional Integrative Pain Center of Excellence Project" 

Format: Small Discussion Group

Organizer: Delia Chiaramonte, University of Maryland Center for Integrative Medicine    

Co-Presenters: Douglas Ross


7-D) "Integrated Clinical Services at Accredited Complementary and Alternative Healthcare Academic Institutions" 

Format: ​Small Discussion Group 

​Organizer: Beth Rosenthal, ACCAHC


7-E) "Educating Naturopathic Medicine Students in Basic Science Laboratory Skills and Data Analysis" 

Format: ​Small Discussion Group 

​Organizer:  Nicole Vasilevsky, National College of Natural Medicine

Co-Presenters: Morgan Schafer    


Friday, October 26


​08:30 - 10:00    Session 8


8-A) "Patient-Centered Care: Teaching and Evaluation Methods from Integrative Medicine Educational Programs" 

Format: ​Symposium

​Organizer: Patricia Lebensohn, Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine    

Co-Presenters: Rita Benn, Sally Dodds, Benjamin Kligler, Christian Scheffer


8-B) "Graduate Education in Integrative Medicine: Needs and Challenges" 

Format: ​Panel Discussion

Organizer: Hakima Amri, Georgetown University Medical Center   

Co-Presenters: Jane Guiltinan, Mary Jo Kretizer


8-C) "CAM Integration and Elective Courses" 

​Format: ​Oral Abstract Session 3

Moderators: Paula Gardiner, Marja Verhoef

8-C.01) "Holistic Healing and Integrative Medicine: Assessing the Feasibility and Educational Potential of a Curriculum in Integrative Medicine in Medical School Education"

​Presenter: Patricia Bloom, Mount Sinai Medical Center

8-C.02) "A For-Credit Integrative Medicine Elective; Senior Medical Students Earn Credit for Facilitating their own Health and Wellness"

Presenter: Delia Chiaramonte, University of Maryland Center for Integrative Medicine

8-C.03) "A Medical Student Elective Promoting Integrative Medicine, Humanism, and Physician Self-Care: An Evaluation of the HEART Program"

​Presenter: Michelle Dossett, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

8-C.04) "A Case-Centered Curriculum for Complementary and Integrative Medicine at the Charité University Medical Center Berlin"

​Presenter: Claudia Witt, Charité University Medical School

8-C.05) "Educating Psychiatry in Integrative Medicine – A Five-Year Comparative Study on Students´ Judgement and Assessment Results in Psychiatric Clerkships"

​Presenter: Diethard Tauschel, University of Witten/Herdecke

8-C.06) "Teaching Conventional Medicine to Acupuncture Students:  From Necessary Evil to Part of the Fabric."

Presenter: Kimberly Duncan, Tai Sophia Institute


8-D) "A Practitioner's Guide: Is this RCT Worth Reading or 'Passing the Sniff Test'" 

Format: ​Workshop

​Organizer: Ron LeFebvre, University of Western States    


8-E) "Reaching the Wider Audience: Obtaining CME Accreditation for Integrative Medicine Activities" 

Format: ​Workshop

​Organizer: Roberta Weintraut, MCCG/MUSM Family Medicine Residency    


​10:30 - 12:00    Session 9


9-A) "Enhancing Research in CAM Education: A Summary of Teaching and Curriculum, Faculty Development, Collaboration and Cultural Change" 

Format: ​Symposium

Co-Presenters: Gregory Cramer, Cyndy Long


9-B.01) "Using Online Study Modules to Promote Evidence-Informed Practice" 

Format: ​Large Group Presentation

​Organizer: Louise Delagran, Center for Spirituality and Healing, University of Minnesota    

Co-Presenters: Roni Evans, Mary Jo Kreitzer, Michelle Maiers


9-B.02) "The Integrative Medicine Oncology Initiative: A Wellness Program turns into a Healing Community" 

Format: ​Large Group Presentation

​Organizer: Megan Furnari, UMASS Medical School    

Co-Presenters: Vincent Minichiello


9-C) "Novel Frameworks for Approaching Integrative Medicine Education" 

Format: Oral Abstract Session 4

Moderators: Victoria Maizes, Claudia Witt

9-C.01) "Benedict's Lens: Medical Students' Perspectives on Integrative Medicine Education"

​Presenter: Shelley Adler, University of California, San Francisco

9-C.02) "The Science of Complex Systems as a Theoretical Basis for Complementary and Integrative Medical Education"

​Presenter: Jacob Shoham, Bar-Ilan University

9-C.03) "Medical Humanities and CAM: Curriculum Development to Focus on the Patient"

​Presenter: Pamela Saunders, Georgetown University SOM

9-C.04) "Learner Centered Education for a Patient Centered Care – The ESPRI2T-Approach as a Model for Integrative Medical Education"

​Presenter: Christian Scheffer, Witten Herdecke University

9-C.05) "Patients as Teachers: Using Cancer Patients to Improve Medical Students' Self-Reflection, Communication Skills and Empathy "

​Presenter: Delia Chiaramonte, University of Maryland Center for Integrative Medicine


9-D) "Teaching Integrative Healthcare through Interdisciplinary Student-Run Free Clinics" 

Format: ​​Small Discussion Group

​Organizer: Karen Lawson, University of MN Center for Spirituality and Healing    

Co-Presenters: Ellen Beck, Michael Wiles


9-E) "Fundamentals of Integrative Health Coaching for Clinicians" 

Format: ​Workshop

Organizer: Blaire Morriss, Vanderbilt Center for Integrative Health

Co-Presenter: Linda Manning     


13:30 - 15:00    Session 10


10-A) "Interdisciplinary Training in Medical Settings: Lessons Learned" 

Format: ​Panel Discussion

​Organizer: Paula Gardiner, Boston University Medical School    

Co-Presenters: Saskia Cote, Ellen Highfield, Andrea Gordon


10-B.01) "21st Century Medical Education: Clinical Application of Systems-Based Medicine" 

Format: ​Large Group Presentation

​Organizer: David Jones, Institute for Functional Medicine


10-B.02) "How to Teach a Systematic Review Workshop Using Evidence-Based Medicine Methodology in the field of CAM/IM" 

Format: ​Large Group Presentation

​Organizer: Cindy Crawford, Samueli Institute

Co-Presenters: Wayne Jonas


10-C) "Innovative Programs in Complementary and Integrative Medicine" 

Format: Oral Abstract Session 5

Moderators: Mary Jo Kreitzer, John Weeks

10-C.01) "Finally!  It’s About Time!  Bridging the Gap!"

Presenter: Arti Prasad, University of New Mexico

10-C.02) "Educational Programs at the UCLA Center for East West Medicine: Undergraduate, Graduate, and Beyond"

​Presenter: Ka Kit Hui, Sonya Pritzker, UCLA Center for East West Medicine

10-C.03) "Establishing a curriculum in complementary medicine within a Medical School on the example of the University of Bern, Switzerland"

Presenter: Ursula Wolf, University of Bern

10-C.04) "Developing an Integrative Evidence Informed Practice Clinical Internship"

​Presenter: Lori Baldwin, Northwestern Health Sciences University

10-C.05) "Georgetown University’s Graduate Program in Complementary and Alternative Medicine: Ten Year Review"

​Presenter: Hakima Amri, Georgetown University Medical Center


10-D) "Developing Educational Research Agendas in the CAM Disciplines" 

Format: ​Small Discussion Group

​Organizer: Martha Menard, Georgetown University    


10-E) "R.E.T.E.S. Model of Alliance-Building Healing Networks (Relational, Empathetic, Transformative, Empowering, Sustainable)" 

Format: ​Workshop

​Organizer: Karen Lawson, University of MN Center for Spirituality and Healing   

Co-PresentersBecky Gorman



15:30 - 16:15    Closing Plenary

"The Nexus: Interprofessional Education in a Transforming Health System"

Presenter: Dr. Barbara Brandt, University of Minnesota    

Moderator: Michael Wiles